Don't be afraid to share topics you care about on social media



"If you think of yourself as an insurgent battling dark forces, it’s easy to become unduly fixated on the obstacles in your path. But if you truly want to make something new, the act of creation is far more important than the old industries that might not like what you create."

Peter Thiel, book Zero to One

If what we are trying to do in our start-up – create a safe haven/a town think-tank to encourage respectful discourse between people of all opinions and walks of life – resonates with you, the above quote is for you.

Don’t be afraid of the bullies and trolls on social forums as you share topics that you particularly care about on social media to get the word out and invite people to chime in with what they know. It is important to share topics on social media to grow our pool of knowledge, to learn from each other, and to create a movement for change in our town. Knowledge is power. Not to mention, it’s time we all treated each other with respect and kindness no matter our party affiliation or background. Any responses to topics must be posted in this forum, the integrity of which, is fiercely protected. Any errors or misfacts will be owned and corrected. All we ask is corrections and additions to knowledge be done with grace and respect.

If you encounter a bully or troll who is threatened by a particular shared forum topic, invite them to respond here, and don’t engage them. They aren’t worth it. The forum is set up so that they can only contribute to the think-tank if they are respectful:

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