Dr. Beth Ewaskowitz's Testimony at Lafayette City Council Meeting on May 15, 2018



Dr. Beth Ewaskowitz’s son tested positive for extraordinarily high levels of fracking-associated chemicals in his blood. He lives surrounded by fracking wells in the town of Erie, Colorado. Dr. Ewaskowitz raises the important point that current government-regulated permissible levels of chemical contaminants may not take into account children’s small bodies and the accumulative effect of chemical emissions from the fracking wells surrounding Erie’s homes and schools.

I grew up in a town in the outback of Australia known for having a cancer cluster associated with chemical pesticides. There was a markedly high incidence of childhood leukemia, including one of my classmates in Elementary school. Back then, we didn’t have social media to advocate for our town. Now we do.

Dr. Ewaskowitz is working with other local citizens and a reputable lab to set up affordable lab testing so that we can get our kids tested. Information on this will follow in our forum and we will try and post it online at various local groups and spread the word. If you have positive blood test results or are interested in getting tested, please reply here. You can create an account in the town forum, which is anonymous if you wish to keep your name private.


I’m interested in following this, but am not sure exactly how?


Download the discourse app to your phone (directions below) and you’ll get notified of activity in the forum. You can set what you get notifications about in your account settings. If you’d like me to contact you privately some other way, PM me in here and I’ll be sure to do so. :+1:t2:


I’m interested in having our kids tested. We also have friends in Erie who are interested in having their kids tested.


Thank you for checking in Njordan. I will contact you personally when we have the info for testing. You can PM me in here anytime as well.