Getting beyond the tribal us against them mentality



An excellent webinar on tribal mentality, the us-against-them dynamic, and how erroneous and counter-productive it can be.

Quote from webinar:
"David McRaney: That’s right. Mason is saying that we don’t disagree over the issues based on anything that has to do with the issues upon which we disagree. Since we tend to form tribes very easily, and often around differences that are arbitrary, and since we usually are more motivated by tribal psychology than anything else, what is happening is that more and more issues are simply leaving the realm of compromise and debate, of evidence and rational analysis, and becoming mutated by politicization, by tribal signaling, and once an issue becomes politicized, it just leaves the realm of facts and figures — it just becomes another way to tell us from them.”

“The power of modern media and modern social media has allowed humans to signal their tribal loyalties on a scale that has never ever been possible, and this one thing might just be what is driving polarization."


This webinar is eye-opening. Be prepared to be challenged by it!

The one thing that I questioned in this webinar was the framing of people’s moral compass as arbitrary and heavily influenced by tribal affiliations. I think that we need to give people their due. They’ve all earned their stripes and have reasons for their convictions, often compelling reasons. However, even so just knowing when you are thinking of another tribe that you will tend to be biased and not receptive to crucial information and may not think critically is invaluable. The I am right - you are wrong paradigm doesn’t get us anywhere. It’s the meeting of minds and hearts and mutual respect that leads to smart decision making along lines that we might not have even thought of just interacting with our own tribe.