Just a few days to go to collect the 100K signatures needed to petition the State for a 2500 foot set-back from fracking wells



Please come to the Lafayette Public Library this evening, August 2nd, between 4 p.m. and 8 p.m. to support our local grassroots movement and sign the petition to require a 2500-feet (half-mile) buffer zone between fracking wells and occupied buildings and areas of special concern. We have only got a few days to get the 100,000 signatures required!

There is a very good chance paid oil and gas protesters will be there given that this is publically advertised (see article). Last Lafayette Library signing session two paid protesters attended. Oil and Gas is doing everything in their power to derail this petition.

This is what you might expect in terms of the paid oil and gas protestors:

This is the account of the person collecting petition signatures in the above video:

"I was collecting signatures as a paid contractor for Eddie Soto just outside of the gates blocking off streets at my neighborhood farmers market at 32nd Ave and Newton St in Denver on Sunday, July 22 around 11am. (I have collected signatures at this location/event very successfully without incident at least 3 other Sundays throughout the summer, and in previous years.)

After I was there for about 30 minutes, two young, tall, African-American men carrying hand-made signs with slogans about Colorado jobs came onto to scene and flanked me. I told them to keep their distance and not to stalk me and that I felt unsafe and that they were violating the law and my first amendment rights and they refused to stop. They told voters not to sign my petition. I tried to call the police non-emergency number but could not get through in a reasonable time and didn’t want to call 911. I shouted to the crowd that I was being harassed and a few people in the crowd took their side and told me they thought what the men was doing was fine with them and that I was wrong. (Probably the people who called them to the scene).

I found it difficult to work with them interfering so I started to walk home and they followed me. I didn’t want them to see where I lived so I went back to the fair and then started walking south instead of west and thought I might talk to some neighbors if they were out and about. I ran ahead to try to ditch them and saw a neighbor on her front sidewalk and told her I was being followed and harassed and asked if she would film the stalkerrs and call the police. When the stalkers arrived, she filmed the material you saw.

Then I went back to the fair a block and a half away with them following me and was able to get 5-7 more signatures while they stalked me, so they ramped it up, moved in closer and talked over me so that it was impossible to work. People thought they were with me and were very alarmed by us all moving toward them at once, with the stalkers badgering them and all of us talking at once.

A short time later, a policeman arrived in response to the neighbor’s call and after seeing the video she recorded. He would not let me approach him—putting his hand up and holding me at bay. He then told the stalkers that they could not follow me or get in my face or they would get a ticket, and he told me in a worried tone that they would be filing a complaint against him. I said I wanted to file a complaint against them and asked how I could do that. He said I needed to wait for the sergeant to come and continued to warn the stalkers not to bother me and he kept them from following me as I went back across the street to collect more signatures.

About 10 minutes later, that sergeant’s vehicle pulled up. Again I was held at bay as the policeman crossed the street to talk to sergeant and the stalkers talked to sergeant.

After another 10 minutes or so, the first policeman came back across the street and told me I had two choices, to endure the harassment and probably lose signatures or to leave. I asked him if they could follow me and he said yes. I asked him if they could talk over me and he said yes. I asked if there was any distance that they had to keep away from me and he said no.

The fair was almost over—it was 12:47 and it ended at 1pm. I walked home while the stalkers remained and talked to people in the crowd.

Later that evening I went back to the neighbor and asked her to send me a copy of the video."

Currently, fracking operations are allowed to take place just 500 feet from a home and 1,000 feet from a school building (and right by school playgrounds). The industry has shown blatant disregard for public health and safety, and the current state regulatory body – the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC) – has not provided responsible protective regulatory oversight to prevent inappropriate siting of toxic fracking operations adjacent to homes, schools and water sources. For more information on the petition, please visit Colorado Rising HERE.

For other locations and dates and times to add your signature to the petition, please click HERE.


I’m here at 4:15 PM on July 8th and ran into 3 other people looking to sign but there’s no one here taking signatures. It’s hot so maybe that’s why. Librarian said folks were out front all day yesterday but no one here today.


She was there. Did you find her, Josh?


Addendum: The response by people has been amazing! Thank you so much. We plan to post more signing sessions for next week. Stay tuned. :blush: