Mary E. Henry Letter in Daily Camera



Thank you Mary E. Henry for writing this letter to the Daily Camera. It is simple, to the point, and reflects the growing sentiment of worried citizens in Lafayette. Clearly, attorney Jeff Robbins was going to advise the city to regulate and recommend what he has facilitated in his role as an attorney in other towns like Boulder. And our Mayor who is affiliated with the Environmental Defense Fund was also likely to regulate and work with the Oil and Gas companies as that is what the EDF does - find a compromise between Oil and Gas and environmental groups.

So moving on from that, does anyone have any facts, information, or documentation you can provide to shed light on proposed fracking in Lafayette? Facts, leads, test results, legal perspective, any information you wish people knew but are afraid to tell due to the current climate in social platforms? We want to hear from you no matter what your perspective is. We may generate a separate topic for what you know if it is substantive.