This is what can be expected for protesters physically blocking frackers in Lafayette CO



The news article above is an example of what can be expected for protesters physically blocking frackers in Lafayette, CO.

Here is a video excerpt from a Lafayette Council meeting within which, citizens express their concerns about Lafayette’s Climate Bill of Rights and Protections. The section of the bill that protected protestors against fracking in Lafayette was withdrawn by the council ostensibly due to the language not holding up under current State law. Council does not plan on revisiting this withdrawn protection of local citizens protesting fracking.

Click here and go to timestamp 1:45 for citizens’ comments and to 2:17 for legal concerns about the language of the bill of rights holding up under the law

Per legal advice to the Lafayette Council, the protections put in place for protesting citizens in the Climate Bill of Rights will not uphold in State court. So if the Council keeps protections in the bill at the municipal level per citizens’ repeated requests, even though protesters might not be charged under municipal codes, they could be charged under State codes, which won’t recognize the Climate Bill of Rights. The only protection citizens would have is the backing of protesters and perhaps heightened media coverage. Symbolically, they would have the town backing them as represented by the Climate Bill of Rights.

Does the council have the right to decide for citizens if they should take this risk of being charged under state codes (with more serious consequences) due to municipal codes protecting their right to protest? What do you think? The mayor discusses the rationale for deciding this for citizens at timestamp 2:22.

Click here and go to timestamp 2:22 for mayor’s comments

The council voted on whether they want to continue the discussion about protecting protestors in the Climate Bill of rights.

Click here and go to timestamp 1:57 to watch Councilor Merrily Maza make a plea put the protections on the next agenda for discussion and the council’s subsequent votes to discontinue the discussion

The majority of council members are proposing to review existing criminal code as the way to make sure citizens are protected when protesting fracking. Do you have any constructive thoughts on that? Oil and gas will be pushing to punish citizens to the fullest extent of the law.

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