What practical actions can we take to get scientific information about local fracking wells?



Here is a video I wanted to share that shows a well right next door to a school in Greeley. It is clear to see by the infrared video that there are gas vapors of VOC’s wafting straight from the tanks into the school and surrounding neighborhood. Note that the neighborhood and school are all outside the setback zone.



Thanks, Mike. What about getting infrared video of wells in Erie as well as fly-over drone readings of emissions? It shouldn’t matter where these wells are in terms of telling the story, but it definitely would get more media coverage and perhaps a bigger response if people know this is happening right in our area to our close neighbors. I personally would like to know what the reality of these wells is in terms of leaks. Knowing that would give more fact-based direction to how the council approaches regulating fracking and might make the town less-vulnerable to law suits due to the measurable (underlined and bolded) risk the town faces.


It could certainly be done with the right permission from folks, or a strong enough zoom lens to take pictures from a road.

I’d say a roadmap would look something like taking the footage with the right infrared camera’s of all wells in town. Checking the new wells of the same type in Erie that they are doing to see what those look like. Then taking that footage and putting it on youtube and working with some film makers at CU who would like to help. Then showing that to the news outlets here and in other places where fracking and drilling are an issue to get some traction.

Need to rent a camera, licensed drone operator, and go forward with it.